Vape Kit + E-Liquid Bundles

Vape Kit + E-Liquid Bundles

Looking for a vape kit that comes with e-liquid? Welcome to our Vape Kit + Eliquid Bundles collection. 

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What comes in your Vape Kit + Eliquid Bundles?

We are currently offering two free Vampire Vape e-liquids with all pod vape systems ordered in our vape kit and eliquid bundle offers. This means, no matter what the nicotine level you need, you can find something for your new vaping kit desires.

What nicotine level should I pick for my vape kit and eliquid bundle?

Picking the right strength of nicotine will vary from person to person, we have a great nicotine calculator tool to help you out on this. But as a rule of thumb:

  • Smoking 0-5 cigarettes per day | 0mg - 3mg
  • Smoking 5-10 cigarettes per day | 3mg - 6mg
  • Smoking 10-20 cigarettes per day | 12mg - 18mg per day