Disposable Vape UK

Disposable Vape UK

Disposable vapes, for when you don't need more than a night or two of vaping. Disposable vape sticks are great as an alternative to social smoking, but also as a back up for a night out. No one wants to lose their main vape kit, right?

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What is a disposable vape pen?

Disposable vapes are ready-to-vape pens that you may use once, or until either the battery life or ejuice is used up. At that point, you grab a fresh disposable vape and throw the old one in the bin.

They have a number of names, which they are referred to, such as:

  • Disposable E-cigs
  • Disposable electronic cigarettes 

Why buy disposable Vapes?

A disposable vape is great for those looking to quit smoking and don't necessarily want to fork out for a whole new vape device if they are unsure. If you want to get some idea if vaping can work for you, then a disposable e-cig could be just the ticket.

A disposable electronic cigarette is a good option for travelling on holiday and you want something simple to take with you, and are prone to either losing things or breaking them in your luggage.

Types of Disposable Vapes?

Amongst the disposable vape kit world, you will find a range of options. These include:

What is the best Disposable vape or ready-to-vape e-cig?

Finding the best disposable vape is a case of first finding the best device to suit your needs. If you need a heads up on what to look for when searching out the best vape pen for beginners, hit the link. 

If you need nicotine, then lookout for a nicotine-based disposable e-cig, if you want one with nicotine, but a less harsh throat hit, try a disposable vape with salt nicotine.

Common FAQ

My Disposable vape tastes burnt

If you're googling 'My disposable vape tastes burnt' - this will be for two reasons. 

  1. You are chain vaping before the coil inside the pen can reabsorb the juice.
  2. Or if it's been a while since you cracked it open, then the disposable is out of liquid, but the battery still works.

Where the battery still works but there is no liquid, you are simply vaping cotton now. Throw it in the bin and get a fresh disposable vape.

My Disposable vape pen not working

There can be a few reasons why a disposable vape pen stops working. These reasons for it not working will be down to what stage of life the pen is at.

If it's brand new and not working, it could be a dud, or it could need the mouth cap removed so you can create an inhale vacuum to fire it up.

If it's been used a while, it's like the battery has stopped working now and the device will need to be discarded. 

The other scenario where it stops working will be the juice has run dry. Which will mean it starts to taste burnt. It is a disposable afterall - time to let go.

My Disposable vape not hitting

When we talk about any vape 'hitting' - we are referring to the throat hit that comes from nicotine. If you feel like it isn't giving you that throat hit you need to help wean you off smoking, then either increase the nicotine strength or if you are using a salt style liquid, move onto what we call 'freebase'. 

Freebase nicotine is a more conventional form of nicotine and can feel a little harsher on the throat. But for many people, that harsher feeling more closely replicates a cigarette and helps the quitting smoking process.