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Sub-Ohm vaping is the hottest trend in vaping. Sub-Ohm kits deliver stronger flavours, a smoother hit and produce impressive vape clouds.

All our sub-ohm kits are safety tested and manufactured by leading brands including GeekVape, Uwell, Voopoo, Smok and many more. If you want a “shisha-esque” vaping experience and blow thick vape clouds, check out our sub-ohm kits today.

Less Resistance, More Flavour

Sub-Ohming is so-called because the atomiser coils are less than one-ohm. This gives sub-ohm kits less resistance and allows more electric current to pass through the coil. As a result, sub-ohm e-liquids are vaporised quicker thus produce an intense and tasty quality of flavour.

The Smoothest Move In Vaping

Sub-ohm tanks have a higher wattage which produces a powerful nicotine hit. Consequently, you can lower the nicotine level and pair it with a higher vegetable glycerine (VG) e-liquid to give you a smooth and flavoursome vaping experience.

Although sub-ohm vaping does not give you a throat hit, the heated vapour has a satisfying warm sensation. Sub-ohm kits are also masterfully crafted and feature more airflows to prevent the risk of burning your lips. Because there is no throat hit, sub-ohming delivers a smooth vaping experience enhanced with rich-flavoured e-liquids and a warm vapour sensation that is comparable to a ‘hookah’.

Why Sub-Ohm?

  • Richer, smoother vape
  • Enhanced e-liquid flavours
  • Superior vaping experience
  • High-quality vaping equipment
  • Warm vaping sensation
  • Bigger vape clouds

All of our sub-ohm kits are 100% authentic and can be delivered UK wide within 1 to 2 working days.