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Need to stock up on vape coils UK edition, or replacement pods for pod devices? We stock a broad range of vape replacement coils and spare pod cartridges. Available for local delivery, from our Ashford Vape Shop or next day delivered with online ordering.

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Vape Coils UK are those vape replacement coils that fit into the tanks or cartridges of vaping kits made for the UK market. Similar to vape coils UK are those vape coils made for the EU sector too. These coils must work within TPD compliant electronic cigarette atomiser rules, which restrict the size of the tanks for sale.

Where Can I Get Vape Coil Advice?

If you need some help or advice on vape coils, just drop us an email, or follow our vape information pages, such as our 'prebuilt vape coils guide'. In this guide, we talk about the different types of vape coils and what each type is best for. So you if you want to find out the best vape coils, then it's worth a look.