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If you are looking for a new vape kit to buy online, then look no further, than our full range of vape kits collection. Every one of our vape kits, laid out for you to browse online. To make buying a vape kit easier, we have answered a few of the important questions below.

What vape kit brands do you stock?

We stock vape kits in all of the major brand names, from Advken, Smoktech (SMOK), Uwell and beyond.

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What is a vape kit?

Seems like a simple question for many, but not for all. A vape kit is made up of the following items:

How does a vape kit work?

A vape kit works by powering an electric current through a circuit. This meets resistance at the coil in the tank, which creates heat energy. Inside this coil, is a piece of cotton, that has absorbed the fluid. When the coil heats, it, in turn, heats the vape kit's cotton, which leads to the vaporising of liquid. That sends vapour up the mouthpiece to the user.

This is how a vape kit delivers nicotine to the vaper.

What is the right vape kit for me?

Always consider your daily needs and usage. So if you are out and about a lot and need longer battery life, then that is what's right for you. If you don't need nicotine but just want something to take away the hand habit of a cigarette, then a low nicotine friendly, sub-ohm kit may be best. These offer a wider choice of liquids and flavours.

Everyone is different, your needs are unique to you. There isn't one best type of vape kit.

What types of vape kits are there?

There are two types of vape kits, and within those, there are again two types. 

  1. Regulated Vape Kits
  2. Unregulated Vape Mods

Don't worry about the word, 'mod' it's another word for vape kit. But a regulated vape kit as mentioned above is one that is built for everyday use, great for beginners and has inbuilt safety features.

The unregulated vape mod is built for advanced users or high end vape fans. The removal of safety features allows for more flexibility in building high powered coil configurations that encourage large clouds. For your peace of mind, we will mark if a vape kit is unregulated.

Within both these types of vape kit versions, there are what we call 'Sub Ohm Vape Kits' and 'MTL Vape Kits'. Sub Ohm vaporisers are for large clouds or using the thicker high VG juices, while MTL means mouth to lung. MTL vape kits are geared toward replacing the cigarette. That means, they work best with simpler liquids that carry higher nicotine levels.

How much do vape kits cost?

Here at Vapeology, we have vape kits in our Ashford vape shop, that meet all manner of budgets. From £20 to £200. Don't think you have to spend big to get one that works well for you - but if you do want super high specification vape kits, we got you.

What is the best vape kit?

The best vape kit is the best vape kit for you. If you want something that has a big battery life, you are going to be looking for the larger square style devices. If you want something that is small then it's a discreet vape or vape pen kit you will be wanting.