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If your teeth or sweet and your tongue is the kind to put sugar on your morning cereal, then our range of sweet vapes should be just the ticket.

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What are Sweet Vapes?

Sweet vapes are e-liquids that are made with the sweet shop or American style candy stores in mind. Think rhubarb and custard, jelly tots, skittles and co.

What size do Sweet Vapes come in?

Our range of sweet vapes and juices, come in everything from 10ml to 200ml. If you want a 10ml sweet vape flavour, then check out our nic salts or Vampire Vape range, if you want something larger in a shortfill then select your preference with the filters.

What strength sweet vapes liquid is there?

We stock sweet vape flavours in everything from zero strength to 20mg in the salt lines. If you want to get the right strength for you, then hit the filters and select your ideal level.

What is the best Sweet Vape?

Vaping is very subjective, some like a sweet dessert, while others like something straight from their classic sweetshop. If you want to get a bit of inspiration on the best sweet vape, you can sort by best selling, which will bring up the top-selling sweet vape juices in store.