Supergood Eliquid

Supergood Butter E liquids are a dessert focussed vape line that offers an alternative flavour for those who don't want tobacco but don't fancy inhaling strawberries. The rich and creamy flavourful Supergood e-liquid range, hails from the North of England and comes in shortfill sizes, nicotine-free or ready for a nicotine shot to make it 3 milligram.

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Where to buy Supergood E-liquid?

You can buy Supergood E-liquid here, of course, either online with fast delivery or click and collect from our local Kent stockist. Our range of Supergood Butter includes big juices such as 7,8,9 and you guessed it - 10. Whether you fancy a bit of Supergood Butter 07 or prefer the taste of a big fat 10 in your mouth, if you like cream on the inhale, try these next.

What's the best kit for Supergood Butter?

 Being a high VG style fluid, Supergood Butter, like any of the numbered range, are suited in more powerful kits or at least those with following features:

  • Adjustable airflow
  • Coils with 0.5 ohm or less resistance
  • Adjust wattage/voltage power

By ensuring the device has ALL of these specifications, you make sure you have the right product to vape Supergood. What happens if they don't have these features? Well, the coil will likely die sooner, the flavour will taste muted as the kit doesn't have enough wattage to vaporise the thicker flavours. 

End result, new coil needed and a dissatisfied vaper. If you want to read more on Supergood friendly mods, read our guide below: