Coilology Coils UK

Coilology Coils UK

Coilology Coils UK is an advanced vaper brand with an emphasis on the handmade, the finish and the desirable. Handmade vape coils, Coilology coils UK made are for those who want something a little extra in their mod life. Shop for Coilology online with us here.

Coilology Coils UK Review

Coilology coils are best suited for vapers looking for the following:

  • Clean flavour
  • Durable and tidy coil build
  • Long life 

With their human finished construction Coilology Coils UK are built to fit neatly in most rebuildable decks, to avoid shorts and to be something you can confident is unlikely to have hot spots and tarnish your vape flavours.

What Kinds of Coilology Coils are there?

Our Coilology Coils UK range consists of their two primary formats:

  1. Mouth to Lung
  2. Direct Lung Hit

Within each of these formats are a number of build resistances and versions. Click on your preferred type of vaping style to see what variations we hold.

Coilology vs Coils by Scott

If you are wondering who wins in a battle of Coilology vs Coils by Scott it's a battle best experienced yourself. Why not pick up a packet of both and run the vape gauntlet at home.

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