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Need to buy Hangsen Vape in the UK? When it comes to holding the most popular 10ml juices in the Hangsen e-liquid range, you can count on us to have plenty of them in stock.

Who is Hangsen Vape?

Hangsen Vape E-liquid is a long-established brand in the electronic cigarette industry. As you might have gathered from their branding, their origins are Chinese but don't let that put you off. If you are looking for a respectable name in the global world of vaping, few brands are as big as Hangsen Vape. 

What is the best Hangsen Vape Liquid?

Like much of their competitors, the best Hangsen Vape liquids are the staple flavours. If you are just curious or need a little inspiration, the top 3 in no set order are:

  • Hangsen USA Mix
  • Hangsen Menthol
  • Hangsen RY4

Two Hangsen tobaccos and their menthol vape juice

What is the best vape kit for Hangsen E liquid?

Hangsen E Liquid is higher in PG, this means it's best with mouth to lung style vaporisers. What you might think of as a starter style kit. MTL Vape kits have a tighter, narrower inhale and are more for quitting smoking than they are for making big clouds. 

Why is Hangsen Vape best for beginners?

Well, simple really. Their liquids are hugely affordable, we do 5 for £10, that's £2 per bottle - but they also come in a range of nicotine strengths. Whereas the big cloud vapour kits often work with liquids that have no nicotine, quitting smoking, sometimes needs that little nicotine replacement. This means Hangsen Vape Liquid is ideally suited. Available in up to 18mg, you can wean yourself off of smoking with Hangsen's e liquids.

To summarise, they are great for beginners for three reasons:

  1. Affordable | From £2 per 10ml liquid bottle
  2. Available in a range of nicotine levels 0mg - 18mg
  3. Simple Flavours that work in simple vaporisers

What Nicotine Strength Hangsen Should I Use?

If you are not sure what dose nicotine you need, then our nicotine strength calculator will really help you out. Check it out for more idea on what is the right level for you.