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Looking for a 50/50 vape juice that works for your all-day vaping needs? Not every e-liquid needs to be high in VG. Our 50 50 vape juice ranges offer quality vape juice that is easier on your coil.

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Looking to buy 50/50 vape juice? There is a huge demand for equal PG and VG liquids that work better in a pod kit or a mouth to lung vape. Here at Vapeology we constantly strive to find 50/50 vape juice, UK made for your all-day vaping use.

What is a 50/50 vape juice?

Ejuices are made from flavouring, nicotine (not always) and vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. We call the latter two, VG and PG. VG is thicker and is found in the bigger vapes, while PG is a lot runnier. A 50/50 vape juice, contains equal parts PG to VG.

What are VG and PG?

VG is generally used to create thick clouds, while most flavours are carried in PG. This means 50/50 vape juice can really give you the best of both worlds. Great flavour and still enough cloud that you feel like you are replacing a cigarette. This is why 50/50 vape juice is so popular and they are perfect for those using what we call an MTL vape device. Buy 50/50 vape juice online with our online vape store.