Best Vape For Nic Salts

Best Vape For Nic Salts

Finding the best vape for nic salts, doesn't have to be difficult, here we break down what we think is 2021's best vape for nic salts, and a couple of great runner's up. All these vape kits can be got in our Ashford vape shop as well as our online store for next day vape delivery.

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What type of vape for nic salts?

The type of kit that makes the best vape for nic salts, will tend to be one that works at lower powers, and has a smaller coil/tank system. 

Why is this?

Nic Salts are runnier than conventional cloud style liquid and if used in a higher powered vapour heavy tank, can leak. So you will see our suggestions tend to be of the pod variety. 

What is Salt Nicotine?

Salt nicotine is a type of nicotine found in leaf tobacco. It is a more concentrated way to deliver the nic hit in vaping, without the harsh throat sensation with high nicotine levels. Read our guide to Salt Nic here:

Best Vape For Nic Salts | Runners-up

Let's start with the honourable mentions, the kits that didn't take the laurels. These vape devices for nicotine salts, did themselves justice though and made this final list. 

Smok Nord 2 Kit - Runner-up

Best Vape for nic salts 2nd place

The Smok Nord 2 pod kit, is part of a family of pod style vaporisers from Smoktech that are cross compatible with a host of other vapes. It was made to help people go smoke free, and it also has earned itself a place in our list. Let's see why.

What is good about the Nord 2?

  • Small and discreet
  • Digital display screen
  • Adjustable power
  • Compatible coils with other devices from the brand
  • Wide range of coils for use with more than just salt nic

What is bad about the Nord 2?

  • Battery life is a little smaller than larger devices
  • Rubber stopper on the pod tank can be prone to getting a little damp.

Verdict for this vape and salts

We like it, but it's not our winner. Although it may be for you.

So can I use nicotine salt with the Smok Nord 2?

Yes you can use nicotine salt with Smok's Nord 2. While it's not won the award as the best vape for nic salts, it certainly comes close. It's a good little pod mod, that isn't a bad choice. Hit the image above to check it out on the product page.

Score | 8/10

Uwell Caliburn G Kit | Runner-up

Caliburn G Vape with Nic Salts
Before the Uwell Caliburn G Kit - there was the Caliburn and the Koko. This is winter 2020's release and it offers a little bit more, for the same price. Uwell make good tanks and we think, this proves they aren't too shabby, when it comes to the best vape for nic salts too. "But what's the pros and cons?" Read on my salty reader.

What is Good about the G?

  • Small and slim
  • Fast ramp up time
  • Credible brand
  • Inhale or button activated
  • Fast charge

What's bad about this vape pen for nicotine salts?

  • The battery is small - 60% of the Nord 2 capacity
  • Slim means snappable in the back pocket
  • No display screen

Verdict for this vape and salt pen

Yes the battery life is small, and if you are away from a power source all day, that can prove a problem. But when you do get to one, it's super fast charging, which means, unless you live in the middle of deepest Dartmoor or rural Cambridge, it's not really an issue. It's got no known leaking issues, but it's not overflowing with technology either. It's good, but it's not the winner.

Score | 8/10

Smok RPM Lite Kit - Runner-up

best vape kit for nic salts

You wanted the best vape for nic salts, and let us present to you the nearly winner in class. This is the Smok RPM Lite Pod Kit. So let's do the same as before, talk about the best bits and the not so great bits. This is why we think this pod pen from Smok, is amongst the best vape kits out there, for salt nicotine.

What's great about the Lite Kit?

What's great about the Lite, is it doesn't just act like a featureless drone it has a display screen amongst other features.

  • Display Screen
  • Adjustable power - 1-40 watts
  • Less leaky pods than Nord
  • Can use bigger thicker VG liquids too
  • Inter-operable coils with many Smok kits
  • Respected brand
  • Small and lightweight
  • At 0.8 ohms and 15 watts - battery life 12 hours
  • Consistent power output at low battery level

What's not so great?

  • Hard to get larger than 2ml capsules due to European vaping laws
  • Sometimes we sell out :)
  • Battery life is half that of the Nord Kit

Verdict for the Lite Kit with salts 

There's scores of vape devices that you can use for salt nicotine, but we decided for late 2020, that the Smok Lite was in amongst some of the top vaporisers for nic salts. It's small, lightweight, but with a great range of coils to mean this can be used for more than just salts.

You often hear the question - 'how do I get RPM coils for the Nord kit?' You never hear the other way around.

Quite simply, in Smok's interoperable coil world, the RPM coils are deemed superior. It's really this that has meant the Lite takes the victory over the Nord. Better to go for the kit with the best coils, than the one that has to 'accommodate them'. 

Finally, the fact that even in tests, at 4-5% battery life, there was no impact on vape output - we can't find much wrong with it. It's not the winner though. Let's head there now, but first - the score.

Score | 8.5/10

THE best vape device for Nicotine Salt

Smok Scar P5 Pod Mod

Smok Scar P5 Buy Online

Winner, winner, deserved-chicken-dinner. This is the Smok Scar P5 pod mod system and we've let it run home with the gold medal. This is our MVP for the best vape for nic salts. But why?

What's good about the Smok Scar P5?

  • Removable 18650 battery
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Aggressive misuse proof
  • Idiot proof
  • Interoperable coils from the Nord and the RPM kits
  • Adjustable power up to 80 watts
  • Super fast charge
  • Discreet

What's bad about the Smok Scar P5

  • For an MTL vape kit, the mouthpiece could do with being a shade (literally a shade) narrower/tighter.
  • Rare you can run the power up to 80 watts with the battery life and coil options. 

Verdict - Best Pod Kit For Nicotine Salt E-liquid

It was initially a toss-up between the Nord and the Lite, plus we liked the Caliburn too. This takes home the prom queen though. The fact it works with a removable battery means if you take care of the device, you can continue updating the battery and get a lot of life out of something that costs less than a month's cigarettes.

Can't complain. Throw in the longer battery life than it's peers and the durability, as well as the fast charging - you've got a great vaporiser here.

Score 9/10 - Because nothing is ever truly 10 out of 10

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