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Blazberry By Slush Bucket | 200ml

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Joes Juice E-Liquid


An original take on the classic slushie flavour! A beautifully sweet blend of blue raspberry flavour with a candy undertone and a fascinating direction of having absolutely zero menthol! This means you can enjoy your slushie with absolutely no chance of receiving that dreaded brain freeze! A full-on flavour that is a pure delight to vape!

This liquid has been designed at a level of 70/30 (VG/PG) for ultimate flavour at higher wattage. Perfect for any sub-ohm capable device, For optimum flavour and dense cloud production. Slush Bucket Blazberry E-Liquid is meticulously manufactured in the UK by Joes Juice.

They have created a vast catalogue of fantastic flavours varying in every range from classic old-school originals to modern-day remakes with their twists on popular drinks to tasty dessert treats.

Size: 200ml

VG/PG: 70VG/30PG

Strength: 0mg

What's the right nicotine Blazberry By Slush Bucket to use?

This would vary based on your tolerance of nicotine and how many cigarettes you previously consumed per day. If you want to get a better indication, check out our cigarette/vape strength picker:

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