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2000mg CBD Oil from Elixir

This 2000mg CBD tincture from our in-house cannabidiol brand Elixir, ensures you can buy tinctures in confidence, knowing you're buying from the manufacturing brand. 

This 2000mg CBD oil is made in the UK from broad-spectrum CBD distillate. It is not made from isolate and is produced in an ISO cleanroom laboratory in the heart of East Kent.

How often to take 2000mg CBD Oil?

How often you take your 2000mg CBD oil, will be depending on how it feels for you and your own personal needs. But a good guideline on how and what to take is available below:

Ingredients of our 2000mg CBD oil

Our Elixir range of tinctures including this 2000mg CBD oil features the following ingredients:

  • Broad-spectrum CBD distillate
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Terpenoids

Specifications of our 2000mg CBD Oil

Within our tincture, the following specifications apply

  • 0% Nicotine
  • 0% THC
  • 2000mg Cannabidiol
  • 30ml 
  • 6.66% CBD Concentration
  • Vegan / Non-Toxic
  • Grapeseed, not Grape Oil makes this pet safe in case Rover the dog finds his way to your stash. NB: We are not advocating giving CBD to pets, we are speaking from a safety question often asked regarding Grape oil. This is NOT Grape oil.

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