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Coilmaster DIY Kit Mini V2

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The Coilmaster DIY Kit Mini V2 is the most stripped-down version of their Kits available but by no means a lesser necessity in the rebuildable world arsenal. The case is made using ABS material which is an extremely robust material and will keep your tools safe and is also corrosion-resistant! The tools in this kit are manufactured using the highest-quality metals. Even the tweezers tipped with ultra-high-temperature-resistant material. The insert will also help keep it all tidy and in its place. The newly designed multi-function screwdriver can also be used as coil winder to be the ultimate multi-tasking screwdriver for any builders kit.


1x Ceramic Tweezers

1x Diagonal Stainless Tweezers

1x Mini Diagonal Pliers

1x Stainless steel Folding Scissors

1x Multifunction screwdriver

4x Screwdriver winding rods (2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm/3.5mm

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