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Peach Cotton Candy CBD Tinctures Cannazenna 500 mg CBD Oil

Cannzenna Peach Cotton Candy CBD Tincture 30ml



Cannzenna Peach Cotton Candy CBD Tinctures are a US brand with a broad spectrum derived CBD source. 

Buy Peach Cotton Candy Cannzenna CBD Tincture

If you're looking to buy CBD drops online, then you may want to opt for something a little less earthy on the tongue. Something like Peach Cotton Candy CBD tinctures?

What is the CBD source of Cannzenna

  • Hemp-Derived CBD | Broad Spectrum

Strength of Cannzenna Peach Cotton Candy CBD Tinctures

The Peach Cotton Candy CBD tinctures come in 3 strengths each with their own concentration levels. 

  • 500 mg CBD Oil | 30 ml | 1.6 % Concentration
  • 1000 mg CBD Oil | 30 ml 3.3 % Concentration
  • 1500 mg CBD Oil | 30 ml | 5 % Concentration

Why Should I Buy Peach Cotton Candy Cannzenna?

If you are looking for an affordable tinctures brand that doesn't risk you failing an in-work drugs test and can't stand the normal earthy taste of CBD, then this may be ideal for you. 

  • Flavour Profile | Peach Cotton Candy by Cannzenna

Who is Cannzenna?

Cannzenna is an Arizona based Cannabidiol brand that focuses on CBD products from broad-spectrum CBD. This means that the source of Peach Cotton Candy Cannzenna Tinctures is effectively filtered to remove THC, (The psychoactive element of the Cannabis plant)

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