Arc 4 Vape Coils

Arc 4 Vape Coils



Arc 4 Replacement Vape Coils

Pack of replacement Arc 4 vape coils suitable for TECC devices and Eleaf. Also known as CS replacement atomisers.

What type of resistance Arc 4 coils are there?

We stock the following types of Arc 4 vape coils, to operate with TECC and Eleaf gadgets:

  • 1.2 ohm 
  • 1.5 ohm

What tanks do the Arc 4 coils work with?

The Arc 4 coils work with the following kits and tanks:

  • Arc 3 Kit
  • Arc 4 Kit
  • CS Air Tank
  • GS Air Dual Tank

How long do Arc 4 Coils last?

How long a coil such as the Arc 4 atomiser lasts, really comes down to how much use they experience, at what temperatures and with what juice. But ultimately with a mouth-lung style system such as this, 2-3 weeks is a good guideline.

How to clean an Arc 4 coil

We get asked a lot how to clean an Arc 4 coil, but in reality these aren't ideally suited for cleaning. If you want to change a liquid flavour over and the arc 4 spare is fairly new, you can just pour on top. The old flavour, providing it isn't menthol, should dissipate after an hour or two.


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