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core and outer wraps. These all have incredible vapour production and impressive amounts of flavour.  Outstanding quality for what you receive!

Specifications are as follows:


5 wraps - 0.12 ohms Dual (approx) - 3x 27g ni60 36g ni60 fuse - 3mm ID


5 wraps - 0.10 ohms dual (approx) - 6x .4x.1 Ni80 ribbon 28 Ni60 frame 40g Ni60 fuse - 3mm ID


5 or 6 wraps - 0.15/0.18 ohms dual (approx) - 2x26g ni60 38g ni60 fuse - 3mm ID

Mad Rabbit Fused:

7 wraps - 0.10 ohms Dual (approx) - 2x 25g ni90 Mad Rabbit wire 38g ni60 fuse - 3mm ID

Series Aliens:

7 wraps - 0.30 ohms Duel (approx) - 3x 28g A1 36g ni60 fuse - 3.5mm ID

Death Wr6p:

6 wraps - 0.34 ohms single (approx) - 6x .4x.1 ni80 ribbon 28g ni60 frame 36g ni60 fuse - 6mm ID


Please be aware that if you are going to be using these rebuildable coils on a mechanical device with no safety features, that you are doing so at your own risk. We highly advise you know your battery safety and ohms law before building anything for a mechanical device. For a safer usage, we highly advise that it is safer to use a regulated device with variable wattage and various protections to allow you to remain safer if there just so happened to be a small mistake.

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