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Shop for 6mg vape juice, to get that slightly higher dose of nicotine in your liquid than you'd normally get in the bigger bottle brands. 6mg e-liquid is also known as 0.6% and is great for entry-level vapers.

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If you are looking to buy 6mg e-liquid UK approved for TPD, then our shoppable range of 6 mg nicotine juices are ready to be dispatched the same day.

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What is 6mg Vape Juice?

6mg vape juice is e-liquid with 0.6% of the mix being nicotine. Or 6mg per 1000ml. Generally, 6mg liquid comes in higher propylene glycol (PG) juice, which is best suited for starter vape devices.

What is 6mg vape juice compared to cigarettes?

 6mg is aligned with the throat hit or nicotine strength of a light cigarette. While a box of light cigarettes may say a lower number than 6mg, the amount of nicotine lost in the vapour process means a juice will often need to be a little higher.

For those who consume fewer cigarettes or weaker strength ones, 6mg is ideal.

Is 6mg vape addictive?

Like any responsible vape retailer, we talk of harm reduction in vaping. This means it offers an evidentially lower-risk option than smoking. So, as a method of smoking cessation, vaping is a reduced harm choice.

That means though you are still consuming nicotine, which is addictive, therefore for those who do not smoke, we would advise not beginning to vape, to avoid this addition possibility.

6mg vs 12mg

If you are looking for a midpoint between nicotine-free and a level for a 10+ a day cigarette habit, then 6mg may be a better starting option over 12mg. 

6mg vs 3mg

For some 3mg just feels a little too weak on the throat and lacks the 'throat hit' that makes a vaper feel like they are having a cigarette replacement. Both 6mg and 3, are the biggest selling nicotine options and great for those who smoke between 1 and 6 cigarettes a day.

What is the Best 6mg?

We have put together a guide on the best flavours to try when vaping, which you can read at the link below. But look out for Heisenberg Vampire Vape and Ice Mint Hangsen Vape as some of the best names for 6mg.