12mg E-liquid

A medium nicotine strength e-liquid, 12mg is more than enough for most new vapers looking to quit smoking. If you have been recommended 12mg vape liquid, then browse below.

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12mg e-liquid is considered equal to around 8-12 cigarettes smoking use per day. That means, if you smoke a conventional cigarette and go through a 'ten deck' or half a pack  per day, then 12 mg may be an ideal vape strength to start with.

Why do 12mg e-liquids feel harsher on my throat?

12mg e liquid will naturally feel coarser on your throat than the larger bottle sold liquids, or 3 and 6mg, this is due to the concentration of nicotine.

Nicotine is an irritant and that throat hit we feel when we vape, is actually nicotine reacting on the surface of the throat.

What's the best vape for a 12mg vape liquid?

Being a stronger strength fluid, 12 mg vape liquid works best in a pod system or mouth to lung vape kit. This is because they work at lower power, therefore produce less dense vaporising hits and make the medium strength vape liquid less intense.

Used in a high powered kit, they can feel overwhelming and unpleasant. 

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