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Endura T18ii Troubleshooting Guide

Endura T18ii Troubleshooting Guide

TL;DR - Endura T18ii troubleshooting time, for when you can't work out why your vape isn't working right. In this guide, we have put together 3 of the most common issues associated with the Innokin Endura T18ii, difficulties you just want a simple answer on. Read on for the answer to your problems. 

Help me fix my Endura T18ii problems

When it comes to vaping the Endura T18ii there are some issues you will come across that are largely down to user expectation, and some that are a result of the kit itself. For example, one that is about false expectations is like this:

  • "It's not very big clouds..."

Well what is big? And what is big to you?

In comparison to some of the great sub ohm tanks - then no, the cloud won't be as big, but it's less of a troubleshooting issue and more about buying the right item for your needs. In this troubleshooting for the Endura guide, we are going to focus on operating issues. Click the bullet point below to get yourself to that section quicker.

Common Innokin Endura T18ii Troubleshooters

What's with the T18 burnt taste?

If this is your Endura T18ii problem, then the burnt taste tends to happen for 1 of three reasons and will depend on how old the vape coil is. If the Endura T18 coil in your tank is more than 20 days old, then it's most likely that the coil simply is on it's last legs and needs to be changed over. That's usually the cause in that scenario.

If the coil is pretty new, eg: a few days old, then it will be a result of the coil not being able to absorb the liquid in time before you press the fire button. 

Inside the metal coil is cotton which absorbs and holds the liquid, so when the vape pen is fired up, the liquid vaporises off. If there was no liquid on the cotton/silica wick you would be inhaling burnt cotton. 

It tastes terrible - we call it a dry hit and it can be impossible to remove that burnt taste from the T18 coil - or any coil in any kit in fact. It's usually only fixed by throwing it in the bin and praying you have a spare replacement knocking about the house.

We've all been there and it's so annoying.

On the plus side, it's not a sign of a broken kit, it's because of one of these three reasons:

  1. The tank is empty
  2. The liquid is too thick and the coil can't effectively soak it up
  3. You are taking too many puffs too close together, leaving moments of coil dryness and making a 'dry-hit' likely.

How to fix T18 burnt taste in this scenario?

Make sure the liquid you use is the right one for the job, that means 50% PG or higher and try to ensure you take pauses between puffs to allow the coil to soak up liquid quicker. 

If you are needing to vape that frequently it may be worth changing up to a liquid such as Vampire Vape where the juice is thinner, or considering a higher strength nicotine for a while, to properly satisfy your nicotine need. It maybe that what you have right now isn't doing the trick.

Did we solve your T18 burnt taste issue? 

Problem 2: T18 Flashing Green

So the T18 flashing green is like most issues, one of a several underlying causes. That was a fancy way of saying, there isn't much gadgetry on the T18 to get you a message, so the green flashing is there signal. The 3 things to check when it comes to this, I have popped below.

  1. Is your battery dead? Usually this will be a flashing red light, but I can't be sure you aren't colour blind and found your way onto this page :) Charge it, if this is the case.
  2. Your coil isn't reading. This could be because the coil is dead and, so dead it's broken like a lightbulb filament, meaning the circuit won't connect. The flashing green is telling you to get a fresh replacement in there.
  3. The tank part isn't making a reliable connection to the part of the pen it screws into. We will talk about this below.

Sometimes with constant tightening of the top part of the pen, or slight misalignment on the screw threads, we can end up with the base of the coil and the tank not sitting on top of the battery connector point. This creates what we call 'atomiser not readable' scenarios. Basically, the battery is working, the pen is working, but the electric current can't detect the coil in the tank part. 

So the flashing green on the T18 is saying - the pen works, but we can't read that the tank is in place correctly and it may simply be that there is something blocking. That can be crusty old vape liquid which leaked down, it could be moisture, it could be that things aren't fitted in place correctly.

How to fix?

In this instance we would suggest unscrewing everything, giving metal contacts a quick clean with a cotton bud or tissue and just reassembling it all, but taking your time to make sure all has fitted into place neatly.

Try again - if it's not fixed now, then at this point we advise you to scream in frustration as even we are out of ideas.

Problem 3: T18 Leaking

If you're issue you need troubleshooting support on is a T18 leaking then it tends to be a result of one of the following items:

  • Lost o-ring seals
  • Coil incorrectly fitted
  • Juice placed into wrong part of tank
  • Bottom metal ring not flush

Starting with the o-rings, these are little rubber bands that sit around parts of your tank that need a watertight seal. Usually on the coils but also sometimes around the drip tip too. You may not even know you had them on your T18, so if you lose them, it can be news to you.

The box your kit came in, always has some spares to pop back on, but do check your coil and your tank to see if there rubber o-rings in places where two metal parts are screwing together.

If there aren't any - it's likely your T18 leaking issue is down to this.

Incorrect Fitting

If your coil is not in the slot fully, or it's screwing in, is off a touch, this will create air gaps for liquid to move into and end up coming out the point where the tank connects to the vape. Take a closer look and make sure everything is screwed in nicely

NB: It doesn't need to be super hard to unscrew, your device just needs to be hand tight.

Juice poured in wrong

This is pretty self explanatory. If you are pouring juice down the drip tip/mouthpiece, it will just come straight back up. Likewise, if you pour juice into the middle of the coil, it's the same issue. Check you are putting the juice in correctly as per the instructions.

Bottom metal ring not flush

Similar to the coil, if the bottom locking ring for the coil isn't closed up properly, it creates air gaps. Over time, it doesn't take much for liquid to trickle out.

Any more Endura T18ii troubleshooting needed?

If you find this hasn't fixed your issues, you can always hop on our web support and we can see if one of our team can help you. We're all vapers here, so we know what you are using and we can see if we can help you along a bit.

If you need more Endura coils - hit the link below

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